The implementation of Rakennustieto’s application portal is now complete 

The application portal, used for applying for M1 Classifications, EPD, and Climate Declarations, has been supplemented with applications processed before October 2023, marking the completion of the implementation of the application portal. The phased rollout of the application portal, launched in September 2023, included the final stage of transferring data of applications processed before the portal’s implementation to the new system. 

The functionalities of the portal have been developed to facilitate the work of our customers managing M1 and EPD applications. With the new application portal: 

  • Applications are submitted while logged in, allowing the applicant to track the progress of the application and, if necessary, supplement it in the portal based on an additional information request. 
  • M1 and EPD certificates are no longer sent to the applicant via email; instead, the documentation can be downloaded from the portal after the application is approved. 
  • The holder of the valid classification or EPD can see all their products in the portal, enabling better management of upcoming classification or EPD renewal needs. 

Applications processed before the portal’s implementation, were transferred from the old system to the new one in December 2023. As part of the transfer also contact information related to applications was brought into the new system to the extent available in the old system. You can find all applications linked to your user account on the Applications page of the application portal, accessible from the top navigation of the page after logging in: 

As the data fields in the old system do not fully match those of the new system, information of the transferred applications may appear incomplete in the portal. Transferred applications are generally linked to the original contact person’s user account. If you wish to transfer an application to another contact person’s username, please inform Rakennustieto (please see product-specific email addresses below), and we will make the necessary changes in the system. 

M1 Emission Classification and M1 Cleanliness Classification: m1(at) 

EPD: epd(at) 

If you have not registered as a user of the portal before December 29, 2023, but you have previously submitted either M1 or EPD application(s) through the old pages, the email address entered in the application has been registered as a portal user during the data transfer. If you try to register in the application portal with an email address brought in from the old system during the data transfer, the page will display an error message: ”The username [email address] is already taken.” In this case, proceed to the Sign in page, click the Forgot your password? button, and set a new password for your username via the link sent to you by email. Please note that the link only works once. After this, you can log into the portal with your email address and the password you set. If you registered as a portal user yourself (i.e., your email was not brought into the system as part of the data transfer), you can continue using the portal normally with your username and the password you set. 

Simultaneously with the new application portal, Rakennustieto also launched the new website for its Environmental services. On the site, among many things, you will find detailed instructions for application processes and various types of applications: 

M1 Emission Classification M1 Cleanliness Classification Rakennustieto EPD Rakennustieto Climate Declaration (in Finnish)